The founder of Ariel Rider electric bikes, Arda Onal, was on hand to share some of his latest products at Interbike this year. I had seen a couple of them and taken some test rides in California but this was the first time I’d seen the C-Class comfort cargo ebike which features a unique bamboo carrying rack up front. Monica really loved it because there’s a slot for carrying your coffee cup. I appreciated the bungee cords with simple ball ends that slot into the decking. Arda explained that the rack works well for pizza boxes. In addition to being great for hauling and utility the Comfort Class model uses an efficient and quiet Brose motor! This version can use internally geared hubs which keeps the drivetrain simple, clean and more durable. Arda told me the bike can carry up to 300 lbs. The transflective color display impressed me and I love that it’s removable (to store safely when you aren’t riding).

Ariel Rider is sold in Europe as well as America and Arda explained that they have been able to drop their prices a bit to become even more competitive. I love that they’re offering several unique color choices and focusing on the touch points like comfortable saddles, easy to step-over frames and some great matching accessories like panniers. He opened one of the bags on the Comfort model and showed us the space inside where stuff could be stored. It’s nice that the bags also cover the battery area and sort of clean up the bike. I believe the C-Class is available in both a standard hub motor configuration as well as a mid-drive now which would probably get better range and balance the weight out a bit, possibly even reducing frame flex.

We moved on to the N-Class which has the battery contained inside a plastic housing at the top tube. It uses a torque sensor now and has wider more comfortable bars that rise a bit. For $2,899 you can get one of these models with a mid-drive! This is one of the few cruiser style electric bikes with centerdrive from Brose that could compete with the Electra Townie Go! One of the unique qualities of their frames and boxes is how strong they are, you can even have custom images and logos printed and choose from a wider range of colors. The plastic they use is very strong and durable, the same stuff they use on some airplane parts. Arda explained that metal can get dented more easily and didn’t look as nice after a long time.

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