BESV electric bikes was at Interbike showcasing their 2017 ebikes and I was able to speak with James Lin about their new models. One is a full suspension off-road model called the TRB1 that looks like a hornet or wasp with bright yellow accents. The bike comes in a hardtail version as well but I didn’t see that one at the show. BESV makes some of the most custom electric bicycles I’ve seen from any brand because they’re part of a larger company called Darfon.

I was really impressed that such a custom awesome looking bike could be priced at $5,500 for the FS but you can spend a thousand less if you don’t mind a hardtail setup instead. Both models use the Brose motor which is super integrated, quiet and powerful. The battery pack is removable and comes out the top of the bike… very unique. The display is also removable but we had some difficulty getting it back on quickly. Turns out, you set it down then slide vs. sliding from the top 😛

I love the new bike, it looks cool and has the 3” plus sized tires which improve comfort, traction and reduce deflection when riding over rocks off-road. Other bikes got some nice upgrades including the JS1 which now comes in an “Advanced” model with a nicer rack that has an integrated light. The bars were also raised a little to improve comfort, providing a more upright body position. Towards the middle of the video James showed us some camouflage colored PS1 ebikes with a picture of pink and purple camo which I have never seen before, it was pretty sweet. I found out that the CF1 model was recognized at the Taiwan bicycle show show for design and innovation (it won best looking ebike at the show). James went on to explain that Darfon is considering bike share stations with solar charging for their CF1 models. This bike used to have a lock built into the seat post but they’re removing it so the post can go further down to accommodate shorter riders 🙂

It sounds like someday they may offer 24” and 26” models. I got to meet the chairman of the company later in our talk which was fun, his name was Andy.

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