The Magnum team was at Interbike showcasing some of their new ebikes and electric scooters with technolog from the Magnum, Leisger and i-MAX lines that’s designed to be higher quality but still priced reasonably. I spoke with founder Yoni Kayman and VP of Sales Jesse Lapim about how they expanded so quickly, coming from parts of Europe into the US just one year ago in early 2016

Some of the models we looked at include the Magnum Ui5 (one of their best sellers) and it had a Seatylock on it (a bike saddle with integrated folding lock for easy storage and comprehensive protection (nobody can take your seat). Learn more about that company and their accessories (where were successfully launched on kickstarter) at after that we moved on toe the S1 which is a powerful kick scooter with pneumatic tires offering improved comfort. One of the new models we checked out was the Magnum Orca which is a light weight ~35 lb folding electric bike. I love that in addition to being sort of compact, the Orca is designed to be tough with magnesium wheels (vs. spokes that can bend or come loose). They have another, heavier folding model called the Magnum Premium with cast aluminum wheels that is a SPEED PEDELEC… crazy. We continued exploring the booth and came across a super powerful hardtail electric mountain bike with a mid-drive motor called the Magnum PEAK. One of the things that impressed me about this specific bike was that it offers an 8×3 drivetrain for 24 speeds! A lot of other e-mountain bikes only offer 10 or so.

Magnum just opened up a 4,000 sq/ft facility in downtown Salt lake City, Utah where they are offering service, parts, distribution, sales lines and they have a full office. Customers and dealers will get after-sale service. I got to meet Ryan, one of the new employees. I found out or sort of clarified that Magnum is the main company that distributes some other brands such as Leisger and i-MAX but they also make their own (which is what Magnum is).

You can see reviews of the Magnum bikes at along with the Leisger models at and their i-MAX kick scooters at

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