Raleigh was at Interbike showcasing their new 2017 bicycles and electric bike models. I got to check out the new Raleigh Redux which is a $3,199 speed pedelec capable of 28 mph top speeds using Brose mid-drive motor system with integrated battery. It comes in small, medium and large sizes. Apparently Brose has made 5 million seat adjustment motors for BMW and this is some of the technology they have leveraged for ebikes. One thing that stood out to me with the Redux was the removable, backlit, transflective display panel with a full sized USB port built in just below.

Raleigh is a British brand from Naughtingham England that’s over 130 years old. One of the earlier models they offered was the Raleigh Superb which apparently was stolen a lot. They’ve re-created the bike with an electric assist drivetrain. It’s a retro-inspired city bike with swept back handlebars meant to be comfortable and classy. The bike uses a 350 watt mini-hub motor in the back and a classic rear rack style battery. The Superbe iE is being sold for $1,699 and comes in a classic brown which matches the original bikes back in England. The Superbe comes in both classic diamond and step-thru to accommodate riders with different leg lengths.

In this video I spoke with Curt, Chris and Margerie. For more information visit the official Raleigh USA website at http://www.raleighusa.com/bikes/ebike

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