Vintage Electrics Bicycles was at Interbike showcasing their new 2017 ebikes and I was able to speak with the founder Andrew Davidge about their two new models! One is a lighter weight speed pedelec Class 3 capable of 28 mph top speeds with pedal assist and the other is a limited run vintage styled knobby tire bike with integrated suspension.

The new Vintage Electric Cafe is an e-bike that’s designed for commuters who want to get to work quickly, have a removable battery pack that’s easy to charge at their desk and appreciate a sportier build where you pedal along and have some good maneuverability. This model has a 750 watt gearless hub motor and a 500 watt hour Lithium-ion battery pack which has an integrated USB charging port. The bike uses a torque sensing bottom bracket to make it sporty, fluid and responsive. You can also add a throttle if you’d like. The Cafe electric bike costs $3,995 and is built around a chromoly steel frame.

The second ebike we looked at was the Vintage Electric Limited Edition Scrambler which is a 70’s style dirt bike / motorbike inspired electric powered bike. The color is a metallic root beer with gold flake. It has a racing plate up front which is fun and makes it unique. These bikes are meant to last, be handed down through the generations and Vintage Electrics does offer service, upgrades and replacement which makes them unique. They have serviced bikes sent back all the way from Italy and other countries.

I’ve reviewed the older Tracker and Cruise models from Vintage Electric in the past here: and appreciated their quality frames, parts and aesthetic. Vintage now offers some clothing and accessories like bags, saddles, suspension forks and they have a whole range of colors.

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