For 2018, Surface 604 is launching a brand new fat bike with a 750 watt motor called the Boar E750 Hunter that has Cryptek Outdoors camouflage paint on the frame and fork. This fat tire electric bike was made with hunters in mind because it is powerful, quiet, won’t leave a scent behind, and capable of hauling lots of gear with a large front and rear rack. You get responsive torque sensing pedal assist in addition to throttle on demand up to 20 mph. It looks like a great platform for people who want to blaze a trail and cut through soft wooded terrain or even snow. The 4.5” tires offer cushion as well as traction over varied terrain. This bike is priced at $2,199 and can have the battery pack size upgraded from 48 volt 10.4 amp hours to 48 volt 14 amp hours for an additional $400. The idea is that you could use this bike to get to a tree stand or other hunting spot on public lands where motorized vehicles are not allowed but e-bikes are, Surface 604 is based near the mountains of British Columbia and has consulted with hunters to make this product.

The other big update Surface 604 shared was new colors for their popular Rook and Colt urban e-bike models. To me, they both looked slightly refined with smaller graphics and nicer matching colors. Both bikes have a satin finish vs. shiny gloss and both can now reach up to 25 mph vs. the older 2017 models which cut out around 20 mph. In addition to the color changes, the stem has been swapped out for a Satori UP2 which is said to be more durable and the price point on both has dropped to $1,799 from $1,899.

You can see some of my previous Surface 604 ebike reviews at and learn about the company, which is based in Vancouver Canada, at their official website:

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