For 2018, Vintage Electric is focusing on their Cafe model which is a Class 3 speed pedelec designed for urban riding and commuting. Many of their other models including the original Tracker and Cruz are still going strong with minor tweaks and refinements. The Scrambler is a new off-road capable model with an MRP suspension fork made in Colorado and Schwalbe Black Jack knobby tires. It even has a 20 mm thru-axle up front, more like a traditional motorcycle than other e-bikes I have seen and reviewed. The Tracker has the largest battery capacity with 700 watt hours, in part because it can go faster (the motor peaks around 3,000 watts, and the bike weighs more). It was neat to hear Andrew talk about the Cruz model which has a Maple wood inlay and an Art Deco inspired battery box. By comparison, the Tracker was inspired by wooden track racing motorcycles of years past.

Vintage Electric offers a Race Mode pin that is sold separately from their bikes, which unlocks the higher power and speed for off-road use. By default, their bikes are Class 2 with throttles and a limited 20 mph top speed.

You can see some of my previous Vintage Electric ebike reviews at and learn more about the company and their founder Andrew Davidge at their official website:

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