In this video a small steel folding bike is converted into a 2kW folding e-bike. Then there is also included some bike riding footage.

The folding bike base is a strong Btwin B’fold 300, a very famous simple single geared 20″ folding bike.

It reaches a maximum speed of 30mph (45km/h), powered by a 2kW maximum power controller with a direct drive BLDC rear hub motor that features regenerative brake. I build for it a very compact Li-ion battery working at 52V 14Ah (730Wh) that makes possible a 100% electric range of 50Km at top speed and 100Km at 20km/h. I made for it a complete electric installation with LED lights, USB power outputs and wireless alarm.
As a special feature this EV is built-in charger, so it can be charged whenever a 220VAC socket is near.

Components used:

– Btwin Bfold 300
– 2kW gearless BLDC DD rear hub motor working at 2000W maximum power
– 2kW sine wave controller
– 52V 14h (730Wh) 2.7kg specially designed Li-ion battery
– 12W (4W power) LED headlight
– 5050 SMD LED front and rear position lights
– fast removable lightweight battery (2.7Kg)
– Speedometer, battery, light and indicators display
– 120W customized watertight charger (52V, 2A) with battery meter
– KHE Puncture Proof Mac 2+ Street tires

Specifications are:
– 45km/h max speed
– 50Km of 100% electric range at 45km/h
– 100Km of 100% electric range at 20km/h
– 25Kg of total weight

Some special features are:
– complete electric installation with LED lights and power outputs.
– built-in charger. It is only needed to find a 220VAC socket and it can be charged everywhere, as in some inner city trains
– wireless alarm
– USB charging ports


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music: Beatsofreen – Star Wisdom

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