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Stationary exercise bike workout injuries occur regularly.

A friend of mine recently witnessed a lady, who was pursuing exercise bike weight loss, falling off her spinning bike
during an intensive session at my gym in Toronto.
Apparently, she was lucky as she only suffered a little bruised after her fall.

So, here’s a list of the most common ways to get injured:

1. Trying too hard:
With the music blasting, it is easy to get pumped up too much.
The andrenaline is flowing and you are feeling good, until you
go over your fitness capabilities, then you get an injury and your exercise bike routine stops abruptly.

2. Not drinking enough water:
This is a common mistake during exercise bike workouts resulting in painful cramps

3. Your saddle is too low:
Having a slight bend in the knee when your foot is fully extended,
on the downward thrust, will prevent knee injuries

4. Your saddle is too high:
This may cause you to rock from side to side which can affect your
lower back. This motion can be really dangerous if you are using a stationary bike trainer.

5. Hunching your shoulders:
Hunched shoulders causes tension resulting in neck and upper back pain. So be aware and drop those shoulders
during your exercise bike routine.

6. Your bottom is chafing:
This sore condition can be prevented by not wearing underwear under your padded bicycling shorts.

7. Numbness in hands:
Relax your grip. Your are not speeding down a mountain.This occurs a lot with exercise bike workouts for beginners.

8. General back pain:
Be aware of your position on your bike. Alternate your position frequently if you use an upright exercise bike.
One of the recumbent exercise bikes workout benefits is that this issue is less of a problem due to the back support.


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