The State Board of Tourism for Arkansas invited me to attend IMBA world summit, which is an honor. This event is only held at world class mountain biking destinations, and IMBA doesn’t mess around. Arkansas seems quite promising.

Day one, and I’m already riding! This was supposed to be the day I picked up my bike, got my camera gear in order, and learned my way around the town, but two locals (Tom and Ricky) threw a huge wrench into that when they recognized me at Phat Tire bike shop and took me to the nearest trails.

The only trails we rode were part of Slaughter Pen, and were mostly flowy singletrack with jumps. Just watch the video and you’ll see how fun they are.

I have not even scratched the surface of what Northwest Arkansas has to offer. Next time I’ll be aiming for a more natural, backwoods experience with scenic views, screaming descents, and lung busting climbs. Hang tight, as there will be much more to come!

Disclosure: Arkansas State Tourism sponsored this trip. Literally, they watch Seth’s Bike Hacks and wanted me to come—coolest tourism board ever? #visitarkansas #sponsored

Trails Featured in this video:

To learn more about visiting Arkansas, visit their website here:

The town I’m staying in is Bentonville. If you like mountain biking, food, beer, or all three, you’ll love Bentonville:

And don’t bother bringing your bike, as it’s cheaper and easier to rent one from Phat Tire:

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