The Bafang MAX Drive is a new electric bike motor that mounts with a special interface to the mid-section bottom bracket area of a bicycle. Older BBS01 and BBS02 designs could bolt directly to the spindle tube of a bottom bracket while this one requires a specially designed interface meaning the bike frame is purpose built to be electric (much like Bosch, Yamaha, Impulse or Brose). I tested the 43 volt version of this motor (250 to 350 watt output) on the Volton Alation ST Mid-Drive 48V electric bicycle which worked well on road and off-road. I found that it offered plenty of climbing torque with 80 Nm and yet performed very quietly. I also found that the assist settings (0-5) were smooth and responsive, relying on both pedal cadence and torque. Unfortunately, it was easier to mash gears with this motor while shifting under power because it does not include a shift sensing system like the Bosch Centerdrive or the Impulse 2.0 and 3.0 models.

You can see the entire Volton Alation review (the bike used in this video) at:

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