Decided to do a little sesh on a bmx spot that i’ve seen when driving by. It’s a pretty cool place with some sweet jumps. Both my friends who are brothers stopped by and said they could film for me. Helped me get some good 3rd person footage for you guys! Shout out to the homies Kevin and Schuyler! All throughout it was a great day and got plenty of runs in. It’s pretty difficult on the big bike as this was designed for a much smaller bike and not a full suspension with 160mm of travel. Definitely thinking of buying a good Dirt Jumper to start learning tricks and hitting more bmx/dirt jump based jumps. So far you guys are seeming to love the Vlogs so I will definitely keep em coming! If you liked the video, don’t forget to SMASH that thumbs up button! If you are not yet subscribed and enjoy watching my vids, go ahead and click on the subscribe button!

Music by Joakim Karud

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Camera Equipment:
Gopro Hero 4 Black
1080p 60fps

Iphone 5 SE
1080p 60fps

Iphone 7
1080p 60fps

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