While visiting Motostrano in Redwood City California recently, I met with the owner, Joe Witherspoon, and one of the shop employees who is originally from Germany, Frank Schulz, to get some information on the premium Bosch Nyon display panel. First, I looked at the Intuvia (which is fairly large, removable, and has a Micro USB port) and then the Purion (which is compact and not removable) and then we dove in.

Just like the Intuvia, the Purion comes with a remote button pad that has a home icon and joystick to allow you to navigate through all of the options. The main portion of the display is larger than Intuvia, backlit with color vs. monochrome, and it does have a functional Micro USB port. It appeared to also get brighter or dimmer automatically depending on the lighting conditions. It appears that the mounting interface for Purion is the same slide-click as Intuvia.

One of my favorite improvements to this display, is that it shows your battery percentage instead of a 5-bar infographic with 20% steps. Some of the main screens include ride distance and performance over time, elevation, and a GPS enabled map. Unlike COBI (which Bosch recently purchased), the Nyon has its own built-in GPS so you don’t need to tether to your phone, it behaves more like a Garmin. It is also WiFi enabled so you can connect to a local network and download updates. Another cool feature is this online profile system that tracks your data and allows you to import and export rides. In the app, you can see how much power you contribute as a rider vs. the motor system which was very neat. Frankie was putting in 150 watts of power over his rides which really illustrates how powerful the motor is (offering 250+ nominal). You can also configure custom riding modes using the app, so the Bosch motor will offer more or less power at different steps.

The display looked like it was in great shape, and Frankie said he had been using it for nearly three years! I am not sure if it will come to the US, it is positioned as an upgrade in Europe that you can add for your Bosch powered electric bike.

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