If you’re riding gravity trails such as Whistler Bike Park regularly, you’re dramatically increasing your exposure to having a large mechanical such as smashing up a rear mech! But that’s mountain biking and once every now and then, it happens! In this video Doddy shows you how a broken mech doesn’t have to mean the end of your day’s riding!

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That’s right…we’re going chainless! There are several advantages to practicing chainless such as learning to brake less and harder when you need to, carrying more speed, pumping obstacles and finding flow. However, in the event of disaster and a broken rear mech, you can remove it in order to continue your days riding! Here’s how:

Remove the chain
Same as always here! If you’ve got a Sram drivetrain (or a brand new Shimano one) you can use the split link to break the chain and remove it from the bike. If you’re running a Shimano one then split it with your multi-tools chain tool. If you don’t have a multi tool on you then ask around! You’re at a bike park after all! Stash it in your pocket or your pack. You can re-attach it later on!

Click through your gears until you’re in your highest and there’s no tension on the cable. Then, undo the cable at the fastening bolt, you can potentially re-use it later so try to avoid cutting it or fraying it if it’s undamaged. Now pull a bit of your cable through the front of the bike so that it sits away from the spinning rear wheel and anywhere it could get caught up!

Rear Mech
The only thing left to do now is to remove the rear derailleur! Take the tension off of the spring either with your hand (Shimano and others) or by using the cage-lock (Sram). Then remove the rear derailleur by unscrewing the fixing bolt with either a 5mm Allen key or a T25 Torx, depending on your brand.

And there you go…you’re chainless now. Worry about replacing your mech at a different time and keep hitting laps of the park! It’s much better than not riding and you never know…you might actually get faster!

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