The BULLS TWENTY9 FS 3 RSI is a full suspension, Bosch powered, cross country style electric bike with efficient 29″ wheels, it’s available in three sizes for good fit and would feel taller and larger for riders with long legs but still fits some shorter riders given the angled top tube. Quick release for both wheels ads convenience for fixes and transporting the bike, I love the sturdy thru-axles which improve strength and make alignment easier, oversized tapered head tube also adds strength. RockShox air suspension is light and highly adjustable with rebound and lockout (remote lockout up front), the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes offer low-effort braking and the XT drivetrain is high quality and versatile but not overly complicated with 1×11 setup. Unique chain tensioner elevates the chain to reduce slap and clears mud, the narrow-wide tooth configuration reduces slip and an oversized chainring guard protects it, in thick mud the smaller sprocket may allow for chain suck, the geared motor is more audible at high power and RPM, newer brand that may not be available to test in as many locations.

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