Sondors eBike has been eagerly keeping a secret, and today’s the day for our big reveal! We are absolutely thrilled to pull back the curtain for an exclusive preview just for you — our loyal followers.

Introducing THIN — the lightest, fastest, most affordable electric vehicle available to date!

We are simply elated to offer a pre-release of THIN to our current owners and backers. You, and only you have privileged access to THIN. Everyone else will have to wait for our Indiegogo
campaign, not set to launch until February.

Sondors is sure to once again shake up the eBike industry, this time with an entirely new design. Sticking with our New Year’s resolution to lose a few pounds, Sondors eBike went THIN — and it’s a beautiful thing. A sleek, eye-catching design meets functionality and clean lines.

This impressive vehicle offers an ultra-light 100% aluminum frame with electric pedal assist and a 350W motor to take you soaring up to 20 mph. With one charge offering a 20 mile range, it’s transportation perfection — a sexy new commuter’s dream.

THIN owes a special thanks to its Sondors proprietary 36V battery with Panasonic single cell technology. With single cell technology having been proven successful in the Tesla Model S, they’re not calling THIN the ‘Tesla of eBikes’ for nothing.

The slender, streamlined frame might have fellow commuters mistaking you as a conventional cyclist. That is, until you effortlessly whizz by without lifting a toe. And, when you reach your
destination without breaking a sweat, you’ll find THIN extraordinarily convenient and portable, allowing you to roll into the office or bike rack with the utmost of ease.

Storm says, “Before we know it, gas-powered vehicles will be obsolete, useless. An electric vehicle like this is not only the most economical and logical next step, it’s a necessary one. Sondors THIN is the way of the future.” At Sondors eBike, we’re taking the next logical step today, well before gas-powered vehicles become obsolete. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to integrate electric transportation into their daily lives right now. Why wait?

Our aim is to provide an affordable, reliable mode of electric transportation that is both stunning and proficient — revolutionizing today’s daily drive.

Our original Sondors eBike broke the mold of traditional transportation, and it’s our intention to remain as your go-to for electric off-road adventures, smooth commutes and leisurely excursions.

The future has arrived, and it’s THIN — a pleasure to meet you.

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