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Chainless Folding Bike – 5 Awesome Inventions You Must Try

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01- Chainless :
02- SwitchCharge:
03- Penna :
04- PLEN Cube:
05- Paqsule:

01- Chainless – Worlds First Tungsten Powered Bike / Bicycle
A revolutionary chainless bike that offers comfortability, versatility, and portability. Chainless – Breaking the chain game.
02- SwitchCharge – A Battery Case For Nintendo Switch
Adding 12+ hours of battery life, an improved kickstand and 2 game card slots.
03- Penna – Retro Bluetooth Keyboard
Experience the NEWTRO which derives typewriter design to create retro feeling, while adopting the most up-to-date technology
04- PLEN Cube: The Portable Personal Assistant Robot
Your customizable, palm-sized companion featuring a smart camera and automation skills. There for you wherever you go.
05- Paqsule: Revolutionary Cleaning Technology in A Stylish Bag
Paqsule: Revolutionary Cleaning Technology in A Stylish Bag
Loaded with over 20 premium features, Paqsule kills germs & odors in your bag and everything you put inside of it while on the go!

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