Dahon Folding Bike with a Bafang 750w mid motor and 52v-13.5ah battery.

Tough Electric Bikes – NOT peddle assist unless you choose to

#FactoryBikesSuck – Google it

I can electrify your existing bike for as little as $750 including parts and labor or more money = more power – more speed – more distance per charge. It just depends on what your needs are but we can discuss this in person or overt the phone. OR let me build you a totally custom bike that will cost about ½ the price of a store bought bike but with double the capacity as far as speed, power and distance per charge.

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This bike is no toy and is NOT considered a pedal ‘assist’ bike compared to the name brand manufactured crappy overpriced bikes out there. I build these bikes to order and they take 3-4 weeks to complete. It can be used for one person and a passenger on the rear rack or strap on a milk crate or cooler when running errands. I urge you to find a similar priced bike that can go over the terrain this beast can handle, just checkout the video and photos. It can go through thick dry beach sand or pebbles, thick snow or mud. The motor and components are water resistant so when I’m done playing all I normally do is hose the entire bike down and spray it with some air. This mid bike motor incorporates the gearing of the bike to maximize performance and has up to 9 levels of pedal assist if you choose to pedal (I don’t ever peddle) The motors I use are pretty much bullet proof but can be repaired and serviced with lots of parts available but breakdowns very very rarely occur if ever.

I ride my bikes anywhere in San Diego where regular bicycles are legal like the beach, boardwalk, bar hopping downtown, cruising along the harbor and in the local desert. It climbs hills like a mountain goat on steroids. Most weekends I ride with my girl on the back, a cooler, an umbrella and a beach bag, from La Jolla Shores to Solana Beach all on the sand except for the lagoons we use the road. I use it out and about in the local desert of Borrego Springs including trails where gas vehicles are not allowed. It goes through the thick desert sand, thick snow or thick dry beach sand, no problem.

I urge you to go to your local electric bike store and test ride the overpriced junk they have to offer and see how they do in thick soft dry beach sand or a small hill then come and test ride mine. Ask the dealer how far the bike can go per charge “no peddling” because they all lie and over inflate the specifications of their bikes. I’m located in San Diego and available for a test ride by appointment and I don’t mean a 3 minute test ride. Let’s go out for 30 – 60 mins
The motor, battery and bike are all covered by each manufacturer’s warranty. Because I custom build these bikes there are many options you can choose from to make you a REAL electric bike not some cheap junk with over inflated promises about power and distance.

You pay cost for all the parts and the rest is for my labor. You can order the parts and bring or ship them directly to me on Miramar Rd, San Diego.

Don’t think of this as a bicycle. Its more of a moped that can legally go where a bicycle will go and that will last for years and cost pennies a day to run. The way I’ve setup my personal bike, I get 30 miles per hour and can travel 25 miles per charge. I often commute on my bike and run errands to save gas and blaze past traffic.

High performance fat wheel bikes Starting at $2200


Different battery sizes and shapes

Hydraulic disc brakes

Rear rack

Front rack to match rear rack

Matching trailer

Trailer tow hitch

Small front chain ring for more torque

Head lights super bright LED

Tail lights super bright LED water resistant

Matching side car

many more options

If you already have a bike I can electrify it for you and a lower price, call me to discuss the options and pricing.

I also make custom trikes that are pretty cool

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