The Dillenger Street Legal Electric Bike Kit is an electric bike kit that includes everything you need to get rolling aside from an inner tube and tire (consider buying in advance or using the one off of your target bicycle). Available in 20, 24, 26, 27.5 and 28 inch wheel sizes! That means you can convert everything from trikes to city bikes and even mountain bikes to electric, it’s relatively easy and fast to install, the cadence sensor clips on so you don’t have to remove crank arms. Offers a variable speed trigger throttle for smooth but instant power as well as pedal assist with a 12 magnet super-responsive cadence sensor, you also get a remote button pad for easy control of assist levels while riding. The geared hub motor freewheels so there’s no drag but it does still add weight to your front wheel and this impacts steering (and can lead to speed wobble when riding no-handed), the axle and hub screws were were wider than our fork allowed which required some filing.

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