These questions are based on my previous video, please watch it before viewing:

The following questions are answered in this video:

What about the induced current flowing from the motor flowing back into the ESC when you pedal?
How did you turn the fixie into a freewheeling single speed?
Would the parts be better in ABS or PET?
Can you ride it in the rain?
Isn’t 2kw a bit overkill, or are you under powering it?
Did you build the VESC yourself?
Is it safe?
What does the term KV mean?
What is the range of the bike?
How fast?
Any upgrades?

VESC opensource page:

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Disclaimer: I do not hold responsibility for any wrongful riding if you chose to build this ebike. It is beyond the legal limit (250w) for an electric bike, which is why I chose to ride it within the grounds of my university.

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