The Easy Motion Evo City+ is an efficient commuter style e-bike with great safety features like integrated LED lights, reflective sidewall stripes on the tires, and motor-inhibiting brake levers. One of the most beautiful, normal looking, electric bikes around, Easy Motion is known for their integrated battery design that is paint matched and seamless. Premium rear rack with bungee cords and KLICKfix Track compatibility, sturdy but light Curana alloy-composite fenders, oversized chain guard, you get 24 gears vs. 10 on most other ebikes. The rear mounted hub motor adds clutter and complexity for servicing the brakes, drivetrain, and rear wheel compared to mid-drives, it’s not quite as efficient as a mid-drive but it does allow for both throttle and pedal assist drive modes, throttle only works in level zero which is annoying to me.

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