Electric Bike ,COSWHEEL A-ONE can be folded up in 3 seconds and take up small space.Easy to put into the trunk and carry around, you can go anywhere you want.
Electric Bicycle Have you experienced the frustration of not being able to catch on public transportation? Or have you been stressed out by heavy traffic in big cities? Expensive fuel, difficulties in reaching public transportation, lack of parking space, and all these problems have become inevitable for city transportations. Coswheel A-ONE, is the tool to solve all these problems. Weighing about 16.5kg, can drive for 45km continuously, A-ONE is a slim fit for a strong capability. The frame can be folded up in a second, easy to be carried around. You can drag it along the way, or easily lift up on stairs. Easy to put in the trunk or get into public transportation. It doesn’t take up much space, easy to park at anywhere you want. Connecting the app for A-ONE, then you have smart travel as you go. Smart speed adjustment, GPS locating function embedded, recording your tracks when exploring the city. You can social and share with friends about your traveling along the way. A-ONE comes with strong power, allowing you to conquer steep slopes and rough roads. And there’s more than that, Here come costumed lights, electronic screen, together with smart driving lamp and safety tail lamp. Coswheel A-ONE, born for city travelling.

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