I built a custom electric bike, and I’ve been meaning to share this ebike build with you all but I just haven’t gotten around to it!

Over the past week I captured some video while out on the electric bike. This thing is super fun, and I ride it all the time. I like it because you can basically free-roam just about anywhere on it! The normal rules of the road don’t apply to this thing really, you can take it on bike trails, grass, side walks, roads, etc, and it has really good torque and speed, and you never have to pedal or pay for gas.

It goes as fast as I’d ever want to go on it (about 30 mph) and the battery can last like 2-3 hours if you don’t floor it everywhere. This electric bike is a blast, and I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about getting one or building one to take the leap. I have a mid drive electric motor called the BBSHD from Luna Cycle paired up with an 52 volts 11.5 ah battery from the same shop.

In the next week or so I’ll be uploading a video with a lot more details on this custom ebike build and things I’d do differently and things I like about the electric bike.

This electric bicycle is definitely an on going project, I already have more gear on the way here now, and I have plans for improvements to the eBike for near future and long term as well.

Hope you guys enjoy the video about my electric bike custom project this summer. Thanks for watching!

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