From Every year it seems electric dirt bikes are getting closer to reality. We asked some of the best riders in the world to come along and do some reviews and test rides, and very sensibly they declined so you will just have to watch us gumbies messing around on this EM Escape electric trials bike.

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This was my first ever ride on an electric trials bike but I wasn’t up for any heroics due to some bruised ribs. I was impressed. A very gentle initial response but grab a handful of throttle and there is plenty of torque to throw the bike forward. It only took a few minutes to feel comfortable with no clutch and no gear changes. And of course for anyone who has ridden bicycles the left hand rear brake on this EM electric trials bike is very easy to adapt to, and actually far better than a foot brake in so many ways. Over a distance you can barely hear that electric engine, also there’s enough sound when riding to give you feedback on how hard the engine is working. So this was our EM Escape electric trials bike review.

Will we see electric enduro bikes in mass production soon? I hope so. The Alta Redshift MX model is probably the closest yet. It did very well at the recent Red Bull Straight Rythm event and we also filmed one at the recent Red Bull Rocks and Logs in Canada. Various manufacturers are dabbling with electric bikes, but the ones that stand out so far are the Alta Redshift MX electric dirt bike. The trials models from Electric Motion. The KTM E-ride, and electric version of their Freeride. And Zero who make this dual sport model and a few road bike models too. Zero, Alta, EM, .KTM Freeride. Currently all these electric bikes are still at a small disadvantage in terms of power and weight compared to their noisy smelly cousins, but they are getting very close. So close that for some riders all the extra benefits are making these current models well worth buying now. The technology is improving so rapidly that it may not be too long before` we’ll see these bikes become more powerful, and lighter, than the gas guzzlers. This Alta Redshift MX review shows electric dirt bikes are already a reality. Personally, I can’t wait. But what do you guys think? Keen to hear your opinions so leave a comment.

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