So I decided I wanted to check out somewhere new, and the downhill trails near Ludlow at Bringewood, were one of the last places relatively near me that I haven’t checked out. I had mentioned in a previous video how I have been meaning to take a look at them for ages.

The trails themselves were very wet and slick, especially near the top of the tracks as there had been a huge amount of rain the night before, so I had quite a lot of trouble finding any grip.

I spent a great deal of my time there just walking around trying to find the trails and figure out where everything was.

I did crash as per usual, and it was a bit embarrassing because it was on the first corner straight into a wall of brambles, which needless to say cut me up a bit.

Just as I decided to leave there was a torrential downpour, so I definitely made the right decision when to go home.

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