Full Replay of the Men’s Cross Country Mountain Bike Race from Baku 2015 European Games.

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As cyclists began to stray from paved surfaces and venture into rough terrain, they began to outfit their bicycles with wide tires, rapid-shift gears and innovative suspension components. Cross-country Mountain Bike races became increasingly popular as more people took up the sport, with the first world championships taking place in 1990. It’s been a popular fixture on the Olympic sport programme since its first appearance at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games.

At Baku 2015, both the men’s and women’s medal events will take place on 13 June 2015, with 46 men and 31 women taking to the challenging course at the Mountain Bike Velopark. During the final lap, the first rider to cross the finish line wins the race. The Mountain Bike Velopark is located in the hills immediately south of the Baku Shooting Centre. It will be the first ever purpose-built Mountain Bike course in Azerbaijan. The venue will have capacity for 500 spectators.

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