The Gepida Miliare folding bike is suitable for a mixture of uses. Be it riding to work and having the versatility to fold the bike on or off a train, getting to work and tucking away under a desk or all round leisure riding.

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Gepida Miliare:

Gepida Miliare Pro:

The Gepida Miliare is the worlds first folding electric bike of good European build quality using the renowned Bosch electric bike system.

Need the versatility to fold away in the back of the car and travel to a destination? The Gepida Miliare folding electric bike does just that.

The Gepida Miliare is the base model in the folding electric bike range. Want Di2 electronic hub gears, gates carbon belt drive, up rated brakes, motor, battery and display? Check out the Gepida Miliare Pro.

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