The Gocycle G3 is a futuristic folding electric bike with lightweight Magnesium frame, mid-body suspension bumper and enclosed chain and wires for clean transport and storage, the chan is not expos. Now available in four color choices, a 25% larger battery pack and improved wheel locking system vs. the older G2 model from Gocycle, three-speed internally geared hub with auto electronic shifting. A daytime running light “tube” helps keep you seen along with reflective tires and optional Bush & Müller LED Lights, optional fenders, front bag and water-resistant “docking station” for travel. You get what you pay for and this product costs a pretty penny (especially with accessories), the gearless motor produces some cogging drag when unpowered and whirring noise when operating. The Gocycle products use marine grade parts and are excellent for use on boats, yachts, rv’s and airplanes because they are light and stay very clean. They can fit a wide range of riders due to an adjustable stem and angled seat tube with longer seat post.

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