This video is shot with the Go Pro Hero5 Black at [email protected] with SuperView and digital video stabilization. The video is realtime but with SuperView it looks so much faster.

What is SuperView:
The camera takes a 4:3 image and spreads the left and right parts of the image to get 16:9. The center keeps unchanged. Thus it’s somewhat super wide and looks so fast. The edges are quite distorted.

I wanted to try this mode together with video stabilization. With digital video stabilization of the GoPro Hero5 you loose lines and rows at the edges because the camera adjusts the image it writes to the SD card within the image it captures with the sensor. On my last video where I tried to stabilize with the 2.7K 16:9 Wide mode the vertical view was a bit too small. So I wanted to try it with this 4:3 mode. Here the vertical view is much larger. But I think the Superview mode is nothing for everyday use.

When I first saw these clips the seemed quite unnatural for me and very fast. But after I saw them a couple of times during editing it seems I got used to them. They did not look that fast and distorted to me than they did at the beginning.

Watch in 1440p!

It was a run at the Bikepark Leogang in Austria. It’s the downhill track “Speedster” where also the Mountain Bike World Cup races take place. At the World Cup the start is a little different. I did not ride this track very often (some features even for the first time this day). So there is plenty of room for improvement 😉

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