Hello there. So guys, I haven’t uploaded in a while but I had to get this out there because I recently was playing with friends and they were watching me play GTA. I was talking about the colored bikes and I drove through the Gang areas and saw one of the guys riding a silver BMX, and one of my friends goes “what if you find a colored bike here”. So about an hour later I’m driving through the Gang area again and I see a guy riding a red BMX, and my friend shouts out “That’s a colored bike!” and I instantly started freaking out. So then I set off on a quest to find as many different bike colors as I could. So, I did it. There are a total of 6 colors currently in the game (after the colored BMX glitch was removed in Finance and Felony) Including the Default one, 5 without it. So, I hope you enjoy riding around on your Colored BMX, and if you got a colored one before Finance and Felony… well… you’re lucky, all I can say. Thanks for watching. c:

UPDATE: New Location Found! I found two guys riding colored bikes at the off road Dirt Bike track, one was on a red one, and the other was on a green one. If you find none at the location in the video, just go to the Dirt Bike track. 🙂

UPDATE 2: I have found a blue bike and some black ones behind houses down at the yellow gang area (Vagos), I know I said they didnt spawn down there in the video, but they do.

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