We run an electric bike store and we see and repair various ebikes at various price ranges. What’s our opinion after all this time?



Hey, what’s up? This is Mikey at Blue Monkey Bicycles to answer one very important question:

How much does an electric bike cost? Well…. uh… the answer to this is liable to change. The electric bike industry is still pretty new, truth be told and there’s a lot of people coming in with a lot of new inventions and new things to change up the market… things like that.
If you’re watching this video in the distant future (which right now it’s the middle of 2017) then yeah, the answers are liable to change so stay tuned to our channel for updates but…

Anyways. Right now I can tell you that I would not trust a bike less than $1,000 to a friend, a customer, a neighbor, or a family member. We just haven’t seen it yet. We’ve tried several electric bikes under that price range and we have been severely disappointed every single time. Right now we have a few bikes in the store that we’re testing between $1,000 and about $2,000 uh, for a good electric bike that we’d recommend and we have been surprised, there’s a lot of good ones out there. A lot of our customers buy a bike for about $3,000. Anywhere from $2,500 to about $3,500 you have a lot of really good options for an electric bike to open up for a lot of different uses that is going to last years and years and thousands and thousands of miles from good companies, good warranties, excellent service, the whole bit. So, right now that’s where the market is. There’s lots of people who want to get a cheaper electric bike, and I totally get that. If there was one that I could recommend I would love to sell it in our store (you got no complaints from me)! But, right now like I said, it’s just not there. Hopefully this information is helpful to you, hopefully it doesn’t burst any bubbles. There’s a lot of scams out there that will offer you a Like, you know a $200-$500 bike. We’ve tried them and they stink. If you’d like you can check out this video here: This is a review for a cheap ebike that we found for a few hundred bucks that literally lasted less than 200 miles. So, take that for what it’s worth. Anyways, that’s our opinion. Hope you like it. Hope you like videos like this. If you do like these videos please consider going to our website and buying something from there to help support us, or you can support us directly be going to Patreon and supporting the video content that way. If there is another question or comment you’d like to see covered please check out the comment section below where you can leave all sorts of questions. If it’s a good one I’ll make a video about it, if it’s a not so good one… then I’ll probably respond with some sort of snide comment or something… I dont know, I get in certain moods… Anyway!
So, yeah! Thanks! Catch you later!

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