Using your bike’s brakes properly is a key skill, and one that people often get wrong when out cycling. Here’s our guide to how to brake like a professional cyclist.
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Your front brake is key to slowing your bike down quickly, so use it to make sure you stop faster – this is why you’ll see disc rotors on mountain bikes and motorbikes are much larger on the front than the rear. Using both brakes together though is the most effective method of stopping fast, as demonstrated by the guys in this video.

Moving your body weight back and keeping it low also means that you can apply more braking force on the front brake, again helping you to stop faster. Grip levels on different surfaces vary, and the weather plays an important part in stopping distances on a bike as it does in a car, so be aware of the conditions.

Finally try not to brake when going round a corner – slow down ahead of the corner, and if you do find you’re out of shape and going to fast during a turn just lightly feather your brakes in order to scrub off speed. The last thing you want is to be skidding round corners and coming off your bike.

Follow these tips and you’ll be braking like a professional cyclist in no time!

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