The Huffy Elite TR 745 can be purchased at Walmart for $249. $249 seems like a great deal for a Huffy bicyle that has its own distinct naming class. These are supposed to be a step above the standard Huffy. After all, they come with some brand name components like a Shimano Altus and Schwalbe Racing Ralph. The problem is, some of the components aren’t what are advertised. On top of that, the bicycle shares quite a few parts with the lower end Huffy bikes you find at Walmart and other Big Box Bike stores for considerably less. There are components on this $249 bike that were also on a $59 huffy. The disc brakes are the exact same brakes that are equipped on a $99 Huffy Nighthawk. That doesn’t mean everything about the bike is bad. There are some decent high points. The frame appears to be well made. At the very least, it looks amazing. The paint is a matte gold with matte black graphics. The finish is flawless and looks like it would be on a $1000 bike. You get decent Shimano shifters and derailleurs, and the bike has Presta valves. I’m not sure why they used Presta considering they went super cheap with the tires, but they are there!

Components aside, I couldn’t get past the detached riding experience. At first I thought it was just a bad geometry setup, but the more I rode the more I discovered that something wasn’t right with the front end. At the end of the day I took this by a local bike shop and the guy said he had seen many of this XCT V3 suspension fork come with improperly spec’d stanchions. I’ll be honest – I don’t know if he meant length-width-or something else, but I do know that it would have been another $30 just to find out what the problem was. This $249 bike could have easily turned into a $500 bike for me – and that’s just to have it working with the factory components. I realize that I most likely had a bad luck draw and not every TR 745 would be this bad, but that doesn’t overcome the fact that it would still need some parts (some of which it was supposed to come with) to make it something I would feel comfortable on. Like a properly assembled stem and safe tires.

I did let me desire get in the way on this bike. I really wanted this to be amazing, and because of that my opinion is more biased and I couldn’t stay neutral. In my opinion, it is not amazing. That’s not to say it wouldn’t work for someone, but it will not work for me being that there are many better alternatives when I’m faced with spending $500 to have a ridable bike.

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