While visiting Greenpath Electric Bikes in Brooklyn, New York I met a gentleman named Mark who had purchased one of the Sondors fat tire electric bikes and proceeded to outfit it with gear and accessories for his commute in the city. Mark has increased the range of the bike by adding larger batteries and he got help from the two local shops, Greenpath and Propel. His pannier bags contain different batteries (one 36 volt and one 48 volt configuration). His bike has custom yellow accents to help motorists see him and he wears a cool motorcycle helmet as he cruises around. Mark has owned the Sondors since its first release in 2015 and it’s still running strong. He added a Cycle Analyst ebike display from Grin Technologies, this panel improves control over the two batteries and to adjust speed. He uses vinyl to create yellow accents on his black bike and purchased the fabric from a shop in Times Square. He’s working on some custom wiring to keep the bike looking clean and said the bike has had no issues riding in the rain or snow! Even water and sand at the beach. He crosses the Brookly Bridge and Williamsberg Bridge regularly. I was particularly impressed with Mark’s front rack because the Sondors did not come setup for that initially, it’s another custom job. Mark said he’s 5’9” and weighs about 240 lbs and the standard 350 watt motor has held up great. Apparently he usually rides around with speakers and a JBL setup so he can have a good time at block parties!

You can read my full review on the original Sondors fat tire ebike here: https://electricbikereview.com/sondors/indiegogo-ebike/

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