I took the Mongoose XR-Pro full suspension mountain bike from Walmart to a local MTB trail. The trail visit didn’t last long, because the bicycle’s KMC chain broke upon entering the trail.

Broken bicycle chains happen. It is a fact of riding bikes that you’ll eventually break a chain. I’ve seen them break on new local bike shop bikes from premium brands – instantly, so I won’t fault this as a bike specific issue. That said, we were still let down as we had dedicated an entire day to hard trail riding with the XR-Pro and had plenty of filming equipment with us.

I spent $349 for the bike, plus an additional $45 to have a local bike shop mechanic give the bike a professional setup. I wanted there to be no doubt as to the condition of the bike upon entering the trail. I won’t spend any additional funds on the bicycle as Walmart’s return policy allows for returns up to 90-days. So…we returned it to Walmart for a refund and will order a replacement XR-Pro.

Stay tuned as i’ll be posting a new trail video with the replacement XR-Pro once it arrives.

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