The Morpher Flat Folding Helmet is designed to fit easily into a purse, backpack, or briefcase which makes it convenient to store when running errands, commuting, or traveling. Sometimes, when traveling with a traditional helmet, if it’s in your suitcase it can get damaged, scratched, or start to delaminate and you may not even know it has been damaged. The Morpher is adjustable with plastic straps inside that help it snug to fit your head size and there are two plastic tabs on the side to let it fold. It’s certified, adjustable for a comfy fit, and costs $149. I learned about this unique product while exploring Interbike in Las Vegas, Nevada and was able to meet a US distributor named Jeffrey W. Baur who runs Cycling Safety Gear LLC.

The official description for this morphing helmet is that it’s a new concept in helmet convenience. It folds flat, so that it is incredibly easy to carry around. When folded it’s WAY smaller than traditional non-folding helmets. It is just as safe as an old style rigid helmet and has passed all relevant safety criteria for most of the world. At MorpherTM, not only do they want a safer planet, but they believe in a greener one too, so most of their helmet’s components are recyclable. They’ve won a load of awards around the world and have thousands of customers who rave about them and love their helmets.

It’s compact, the MorpherTM folds to a thinner profile than any other helmet on the market today. It’s portablethe MorpherTM folds really flat and is ultra portable, fitting easily into nearly any bag or case. It’s great for the commuter. perfect for the traveler. It’s lightweight and weighs about one pound. It’s also fairly comfortable because it has an integral fit system. This means you can adjust your MorpherTM to fit safely and comfortably. The helmet is also well ventilated. Morpher is certified for heads with a circumference of between 20.5 to 22.8 inches (52cm & 58cm) although they have many users with heads up to 24.4 inches (62cm) who are using it comfortably. This covers a pretty wide range of heads including mid-teens, women and men. It is also fully certified globally except for in Australia. It has CPSC certification which covers the USA and Canada and CE 1078 which covers most of the rest of the world.

More about the distributors: We are serious cyclists who travel the world with our bicycles and also commute in a city environment on our bicycles. It amazes us how many people commute without a helmet because they feel they are careful. It doesn’t matter how careful you might be, it’s more a question of how careless are the people around you!

Traumatic brain injury is no laughing matter. Don’t become another statistic! ALWAYS wear a helmet when you get in the saddle. It’s just as important, if not more so, than wearing seat belt in your car.

You can contact the distributors at [email protected] or by phone at +1 (201) 977-6457. It comes with free delivery and is available in Matt Black, Shiny Black, Regal Red, and Frosty White. You can learn more about the Morpher flat folding helmet at the website: and order it at

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