We met up at Allaire State park in Farmingdale, NJ to get a session in on the MTBs. Cory Berglar, Big Boy, and myself met Donzi from Delb, for quick run on the south side of the park. Big Boy finally has an MTB! The thing is huge! Cory can barely even ride it in the parking lot! As we were putting the bikes together, we soon realized that Big Boy forgot the axel to the orange bike so he decided to drive back to the bike shop and pick one up. So i rode Big Boy’s bike for the time being and it was miserable.. But we still kept going and Donzi showed us a pretty awesome jump that we have never seen before! Cory did a no footed can can on it! Then we went to this valley area where Cory and donzi did a cross over doubles routine! After that Big Boy came back with the piece to the bike and Donzi had to head out so Big Boy took his gigantic mountain bike out for his first ride and he loved it! Riding mountain bikes are so much fun and it’s a nice break from the BMX every once in a while! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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