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So when I got to Salt Lake City, I knew of only one trail that I absolutely had to ride, and that was the Wasatch Crest. When I called to schedule my shuttle to the Crest, I picked the brain of the local rider on the phone for other must hits, to which she responded Deer Valley, like it was a no brainer…. Well, who am I to deny another day of full on gravity at a must hit bike park??

I’ll start by saying Deer Valley was a very nice resort. I immediately noticed how well kept this place was with friendly staff, easy parking, and very nice decorum….. but who gives a shit about that stuff????

The lift was fast and the trails even faster!! The mountain at Deer Valley was one of the most well kept trail systems I have ridden at a bike park this year, and it comes as no surprise that this attracts a lot of people. I got to the park around midday, but to my delight, I found out that they were open all the way until 8pm! I think I did about 17 laps total…

The trails had a great variety of styles from super fast and flowy with jumps to proper chunky singletrack weaving through tight aspens and primo dirt. I really enjoyed the overall vibe of this place, and everyone from the lift operators to my fellow shredders on the mountain were really cool.

Alright, enough talk… LET’S SHRED!



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