This is an overview that covers how to quick fold the pakiT, and to learn more about the pakiT visit our Kickstarter page:

Thanks for watching this how-to video that takes you, step-by-step, through the process of quickly folding the pakiT folding bike from Bike Friday.

The pakiT is a great city bike that just happens to fold too! The pakiT is great for urban commuting and multi-modal transportation: it works seamlessly with public transit, taxis, buses, trains, airplanes, and eventually the Hyperloop 😉

What makes the pakiT folding bike so great is its utility and versatility. This bike can be used just as easily by a business person in nice clothing who wants a quick commuter that won’t get their clothes dirty, as it can by the tiny home dweller, who needs a tiny bike to fit into their tiny home. The pakiT folding bike also works well for anyone who wants to travel efficiently with a well-designed bike that fits great and rides even better! The bike can be packed into a suitcase for airline travel in under 3 minutes! By far the fastest suitcase pack of any Bike Friday available.

We know that you will love this new folding bike if you give it a try. Feel free to come by our showroom and take a test ride, and while you’re here, get a tour of our factory too. That’s right! We custom build by hand all of our high performance bikes right here in the USA. Bike Friday: handmade in Oregon with love!

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