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Our goal is to offer you a daily life with the personal freedom to explore the joy of flying on light wheels, access to the open air, and connection with the world around you. All in a remarkably compact bike that fits you and can be taken anywhere.

Based on 24 years of building high performance travel & folding bikes the pakiT is a breakthrough! It surpasses all other bikes in history with an amazing combination of being light weight, folding compactly, very clean (no chain oil), built to your size, and with a high quality ride!

Light Weight: 14.9 lbs/6.8 kg to 22 lbs/10 kg.

Compact Fold: Folds in under 25 seconds to 38in x 24in x 10in (96cm x 61cm x 25cm).

Fits in Backpack or Suitcase: In 1.5 minutes it packs into a backpack that is 28in x 17in x 8in (71cm x 43cm x 20cm) and in 3 minutes into a standard suitcase for airline travel.

Clean: Comes with a belt drive instead of a chain, no grease! (Chain options available after Kickstarter).

Built to Fit You: There are 6 sizes, with a lot of room for adjustability, to ensure that the bike fits you well! Sizes to fit people from 54”/136 cm to 76”/194 cm & weighing up to 220 lbs. (100 kg).

Great Quality Ride: Uses standard bicycle design geometry. This yields balanced handling and comfort, giving a great ride all day, wherever you go.

Easy to Maintain Over Time: Having all standard industry components allows for easy upgrades, maintenance, and replacements for many years of riding!

Handbuilt in Eugene, Oregon USA: Domestically made for over 24 years. You can call the factory and actually talk to the kooky bike nuts who built your bicycle!

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