My take on the epic Stelvio pass. Rode with 2 friends from Livigno to Ofenpass in Switzerland, back to Italy, to Prato, up the Stelvio, down towards Bormio and back to Livigno over Foscagno and Eira passes.

Stelvio is the highest road pass in Italy at 2,760 metres. 48 bends weave their way from Prato up the mountain, constantly switching back and forth the higher you climb. As the road leads cyclists over 2000 meters, the altitude can become a problem as the air gets thin and the road rarely allows a breather, keeping almost a constant 7-8% gradient on the last 7 km in between the bends.
We rode a total of 140 km and around 3500 vertical meters throughout the day. Both Stelvio (to Bormio) and Ofenpass (to Val Müstair) provided us with beautiful descents in addition to all of the climbing. And EPIC day to remember.

Stelvio pass (from Prato)
Length: 24.3 km
Summit: 2,760 m
Elevation gain: 1,810 m
Average gradient: 7.4%
Max gradient: 14%

Ofenpass (also known as Fuorn pass), from tunnel to Livigno
Length: 10 km
Summit: 2,149m
Elevation gain: ~420 m
Average gradient: 4.2%
Max gradient: 12%

Foscagno pass (from Valdidentro)
Length: 15.1 km
Summit: 2,291 m
Elevation gain: 944m
Average gradient: 6.3%
Max gradient: 11%

Eira pass
Length: 2.9km
Summit: 2,209 m
Elevation gain: 180 m
Average gradient: 6.2%
Max gradient: 9%

Watch out for those Rossi (or Marquez) wannabes (most motorbikers are ok, but there are some that should go to racing tracks, not roads like this) 😀

Thanks for watching!
Hope you liked it 😀

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