I was in the north west for a few days and didn’t bring my bike with me, so I rented one in Portland for two days.

I’ve been wanting to try a brompton for awhile now, so I jumped on the chance to rent one from Clever Cycles in Portland. I had more fun on this bike than I thought I would!

I tried to push this bike to it’s limits and did lots of climbing, and road for a few miles on a dirt road in Forest Park. It doesn’t climb as well as some of my full sized bikes, but it holds it’s own. I would have benefited from a slightly lower gear range and clipless pedals.

I obviously used this bike in a situation for which it wasn’t designed, but I had a great time doing it. It’s twitchy at times and out of the saddle efforts seem to amplify this, but it’s great for riding around a city and very practical for being able to easily fit in a trunk of a car or on a train/plane.

Music: Lazerhawk – Overdrive

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