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Pedego Electric Folding Bike for Tesla Owners

The Pedego Latch Electric Folding Bike is a lightweight and compact model designed to stow away easily in your Tesla trunk. This electric folding bike makes Tesla road trips a lot of fun. Now riders can store their electric folding bike right inside their Tesla trunk, unfold it quickly, and, enjoy a ride at Tesla Supercharger stops and/or wherever their Tesla takes them. Designed and engineered by a Tesla Model S owner, this electric folding bike folds up in less than 60 seconds. It weighs just 43 pounds – 50 with the battery. The twist-and-go throttle and Pedal Assist computer offer choices in ways to unleash the Latch’s power. Its belt drive system provides a seamless, quiet ride. The bike’s internally geared hub allows riders to enjoy smooth shifting.

NOTE: This is an excerpt of Electric Bike Review’s video on Pedego Latch Folding Electric Bike.

To watch the full, long-form video, visit the link below:

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