Susanne Brüsch and her team of cyclist friends decided to ride pedal assist “pedelec” bicycles from California to Colorado. I met up with them at the Denver, CO Ebike Expo and learned about their gear, the trip and what it takes to go that far by electric bike.

Gear used on the trip:
– Bikes: Haibike HardSeven
– Fenders: Topeak DeFender M1 & M2
– Racks: Thule Pack ’n Pedal Tour
– Panniers: Ortleib Waterproof
– Grips: Ergon GP1

The e-bike expedition journey was 3,500 km (2,200 miles) and the first of its kind in the United States. It started at the Sea Otter Classic bike festival in Monterey, California, on April 15th 2016. It lasted over 10 weeks of bikepacking and trekking and took the riders through varied climate and scenery, passing through some of the most iconic landscapes of Western USA including Monument Valley and SlickRock Trail in Utah and the Continental Divide in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The journey concluded at the Electric Bike Expo in Denver on June 18th 2016.

The team pedaled over 100 km (about 60 miles) per day, their ebikes weighed over 100 lbs when fully loaded with gear and they relied on a support van for safety and photography gear etc. The final tally of distance was 3,100 miles. Each rider carried two to three battery packs so they could move continuously, often charging at rest stops and campgrounds overnight.

Check out the official website at:

Sponsored by:
Haibike, Germany / USA
Yamaha, Japan

Filmed by:
Feinfilm, Germany

Supported by:
Electric Bike Expo, USA
ExtraEnergy, Germany
Greenfinder, Germany
Motostrano, USA
Poison Spider, USA

Equipped by:
66 North, Iceland
Abus, Germany
Escape Campervans, USA
Ettrak, Germany
Eureka, Netherlands
Gipflbag, Germany
Melon, Germany
Nigor, Netherlands
Ortlieb, Germany / USA
ProteGear, Germany

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