In this video I speak with the owner and founder of the San Diego Electric Bike Company (Elecycle) in Solana Beach California, Pat Winston and one of his happy customers who was in the process of buying an E-Lux cruiser style electric bicycle. She wanted something with a bit more power and comfort and Pat was working with her to find the best ebike for her needs and budget. I was also able to work with one of the technicians, Jim, who setup a few demo bikes for reviews I was filming.

The shop is just a couple blocks away from a park and the actual beach where you can swim or surf in the Pacific ocean. There are beautiful paths that go near the beach and it’s a perfect place to test out an e-bike with a rental. I love that this shop carries a wide variety of electric bikes including some of the Virtue box bike models. Of course they also carry E-Lux, ProdecoTech, Magnum, Leisger, Surface 604, Sun, Alton Corsa, Juiced Bikes, Aotema, Mac and E-Rad electric bike conversions. There were cruisers, mountain bikes, trikes and a custom made 3,000 watt dual motor, two wheel drive off-road fat bike for a film maker customer.

– Rentals cost $30 for an entire day of use with a beach cruiser or $40 for one of their more traditional electric bikes with greater efficiency and range.
– Address: 101 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075
– Phone: (858) 345-1030
– Website:
– Hours: Tuesday 10AM–6PM, Wednesday 10AM–6PM, Thursday 10AM–6PM, Friday 10AM–6PM, Saturday 9AM–5PM, Sunday 10AM–4PM, Monday 10AM–4PM

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