The stem cap at the end:

Since October, I’ve been riding the Diamondback Release 3 as my main trail bike. It’s fair to say that I haven’t given it any mercy. Aside from the Box One Derailleur and Shifter, which I’ve been testing, the bike is totally original with no parts replaced. It shows. The rims are dented, there are scratches all over it, but I assure you it cleans up really nice.

Despite the fact that my bike looks and work well, it’s being replaced today—by the 2017 model. It’s pretty much the same bike, save for some minor changes in the frame and a different color scheme. We’ll assemble this in a different video, but for now I need to find a home for my old bike. That’s right, I’m gonna send this to someone.

Now before you jump into the comments and shout me me me me me! Please be aware that this proves to me and everyone else that you’re a lazy person who likes to cut corners. Whoever wins this bike will have submitted an application and followed the instructions.

Before we get into the application process, I have some bad news; you’re probably not eligible. First of all this bike is a small, so I’m not giving it to anyone taller than 5’ 7”. That’s not all. This next part really makes me sad but I can’t send it to anyone outside of the USA because of logistics. Someday I promise to do something really cool for my international subscribers, but in this case I need to be 110% sure that this package gets to its destination safely.

So if you’re 5’ 7” or shorter and live in the USA, you can apply via the link in the description. The application has a written portion and a video. I’ll be using the best of these videos on my channel, so we can all decide who deserves the bike. You get extra points for creativity, and super duper extra points for showing us how you’ve been making the best of your current bike.

Lastly, this video is staying on YouTube indefinitely, so check the date. You might be getting excited for a contest that happened last year.

So that’s it! The rest of the info is in the link. This is going to be a lot of fun. We’ll get to see some of the best applications, and you guys are going to help me decide on a winner. When the bike is sent off it will be in perfect working order, totally cleaned up and ready to rock. Not only will the winner be getting a serious mountain bike, they’ll be getting a piece of YouTube history.

Thanks for riding with me today, and I’ll see you next time.

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