The Turbo Vado has been exciting people for the past year with posts in the EBR forums and questions via email. Today, April 23rd 2017, Specialized updated their official website with three Vado models including the 5.0 and a Men’s and Women’s 3.0 (high-step and step-thru). The bikes appear to use a custom programmed Brose mid-drive motor system operating at 350 watts and 250 watts with top speeds of 28 mph and 20 mph respectively. The price difference between the models is $2,000 with the Vado 5.0 coming in at $5k. This model only comes in high-step and one color (black and grey) but appears to have a touch screen interface with GPS and elevation tracking. Both models can connect to the Specialized Mission Control App for Android or iOS to fine tune motor performance and plan trips according to battery capacity.

You can see the two models compared side by side back at using the compare tool:,92795 but the primary differences I saw when studying the official website and manual include: larger battery, higher motor wattage, higher top speed, brighter headlight 12 volt 2 led 600 lumen vs 6 volt 1 led 300 lumen, rigid alloy fork vs. suspension fork, fatter tires (51 vs 47 mm), larger front chainring (48 vs. 40t) and wider cassette range 11-42 vs. 11-40, upgraded drivetrain from deore shadow plus to deore xt shadow plus, nicer handlebar, nicer grips and a nicer saddle.

This is just a preview, I welcome any feedback and corrections. My goal was to make it simple and quick to understand the Vado and determine which model might suit your budget and lifestyle if you are interested in a sporty commuter or touring / trekking bike.

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