Stationary Bike – The Best Stationary Bike PERIOD [Details Inside]

Hi I’m Mike Morris certified Personal Trainer and Muscle Activation Specialist and owner of Full Circle Health in Youngsville La. I also pioneered stability ball training in the fitness industry.

I’ve had the opportunity to see alot of great Stationary Bikes on the market. I want to talk to you today about the Keiser Stationary bike – When it comes to Stationary Bikes Keiser has one of the best Stationary Bikes on the market today, Period.

If your looking for a stationary bike this is a real cool bike I really do like it. It offers alot of great Stationary bike features and I’m going to go over some of those features so you can see why it is the Stationary Exercise Bike to buy. Stationary bikes for sale can be found at

So Jada’s going to help me out here and kind of go through the stationary bikes settings for you. First of all the seat height adjustment is very easy and its also numbered. So you can tell exactly where you were and you know when you set your Stationary bike up it can really fit leg length and torso length.

These Stationary bikes also have a front and back adjustment so the seat can either get you closer to or further away from the Stationary bikes handle bars so you can also set the seat there and also this Stationary bike review comes with a nice spring loaded Stationary bike seat with a nice contour fit so that it’s a very comfortable Stationary bike to ride and usually that’s the problem that most people complain about Stationary bikes, is that the seats are not comfortable when we go to the actual Stationary bike handle bar settings there’s a front to back setting which jadas going to show you how the Stationary Exercise bikes handle bars slide forward and also slide back adjusting where you want them to and then also for the best stationary bike height whether it be up or down and its also a numbering system.

So you can remember your own personalized numbers when your setting up your stationary exercise bike if your doing a class or like I have one on the back patio at my own home. Another unique feature in this stationary bike review is the digital display with the breaking system. This stationary bikes for sale and it has a magnetic breaking system which means that it’s not like your typical pad on your fly wheel, that come on most stationary bikes, this Stationary Bike uses a magnet type resistance and the digital display can also show you exactly where you are and what resistance your training at, if your wearing a heart rate monitor like Jada is it will give you your heartrate and this stationary bike will tell you exactly how far you’ve gone, time and distanc and so forth.

Also when you get into a real heavy Stationary bike spin or cycle. fast and if your foot would happen to slip out of the stationary bikes cage for some rason you could use the breaking system to automatically push it forward and lock it down and keep the fly wheel from coming and taking off the back of your calf.

A real unique stationary exercise bike again its very portable it has wheels and a great base support so that you can move your stationary exercise bikes around where ever you need to during your training and as you know Stationary bike cycling is very low impact, a great way to train and what do think about it Jada, I think its a great stationary bike.

Thank you for joining us if you would like more information or your looking for stationary bikes for sale go to:

I hope you enjoyed these Stationary Bike reviews – I believe this to be the best stationary exercise bike on the market today.

Stationary Bike – The Best Stationary Bike PERIOD [Details Inside]

Watch this video now for the best Stationary Bike on the market today:

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