The bike is ~30 pounds. For those under 160 pounds, consider this if you plan on going up and down flights of stairs in pre-war buildings, it is heavy. I take the bike out once a week and I do end up with lower back pain/lower abdominal pain the day after folding and taking the bike up 5 flights of stairs 🙂 The seat is hard, but get a cushion. The chain does come off for me BUT I’m not used to gear changing yet so I think once I get used to properly changing the gears, the chain will probably not fall off as often. The brake handles do loosen, but I just keep tightening them (The seat stays tight and in place for me at the height I have it at). Assembly: I got somebody with bike experience to help me and they did it fine less than an hour. They did say that the instructions are too basic & would make it difficult for somebody with zero experience with bikes. I got the bike for like $150 on amazon and when I compared it to other folding bikes with multiple gears, it was the BEST BARGAIN. I wish the handle bars folded down/in. The width of those handle bars needs to be taken into account when putting the bike into cars and closets (Hopefully a future model will have folding handle bars). Get velcro to hold the back tires when the bike is folded. The bike does stand on its own when folded, but not super sturdy.

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