The Stromer ST1 Limited Edition is a limited run (only 399 produced) speed pedelec with premium integrated lights from Supernova and Toplight, Aluminum fenders, rear carry rack from Racktime and Magura hydraulic disc brakes. High end Shimano Deore XT drive train with nine sprockets geared for 28+ mph riding speeds, comfortable Ergonomic locking grips from Ergon, custom Carbon fiber fork with sturdy 15 mm thru-axle. Offers smooth, silent, pressure sensitive pedal assist activated with a TMM4 torque sensor, four power levels, two regen levels and integrated regenerative braking via the right lever. One of the heavier electric road bikes I’ve tested at ~60 lbs, weight is balanced across the frame and kept low for improved handling, charger uses a dongle to connect to the battery that could get lost easily, chain stays are extra wide and I’ve clipped them while pedaling.

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